Newsletter 14: Hello + new year, new terms

This is the fourteenth newsletter from OUT NT. Hello. At the start of last year this occasional newsletter used “New Year New Territory” as a kick off for 2015. Do you think the Territory changed between then and now? What will it look like in 2017 after an NT election and a federal election? Some wonderful things happened during […]

NT in an election year & Rainbow Territory

Rainbow Territory is very conscious that this is an election year. While some great ground work has been done in 2015, this year is a time where there is a lot of momentum for change, but we need help to make it happen. Rainbow Territory needs you to join and get active. Our community continues to be discriminated against. The […]

Nurnakah Show – Our Show

Que Kenny, Star Lady and Warren H Williams deliver another awesome show from Alice through CAAMA radio. They interview two Alice locals who give a great perspective on being slightly new in town, and around for a bit longer- Seb who recently moved to Alice and singer songwriter Eddie Donald. Listen to the final show […]

Young people get the chance tell it like is to the Chief Minister

OUT NT heard about this survey and think its important to share it. However, we note that sexuality is not specifically asked about. We encourage any young person who responds to this survey to complete the survey in a way that doesn’t silence any struggles that young LGBTQI people face in relation to their sexuality. […]

How OUT NT works

OUT NT is a website that is run by Rainbow Territory to provide information and community connection to LGBTQI people living in or connected to the NT. It is run by Rainbow Territory members, but operates for the community to help bring people together. A strong and connected community is an active community that can work together […]

Newsletter 14: Cake to share

Cake to share is a random section of the newsletter where people can share something with others. Not all cake suits all tastes, so please sample or skip as you wish. Email your cake to share to This month there is lots of Cake to Share, cake to have later, cake you eat with friends, cake […]