Rainbow Territory

About Rainbow Territory

Formed in September 2014, Rainbow Territory is an unfunded Northern Territory community group that advocate for the human rights of Northern Territorians who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (‘LGBTIQ’).

Rainbow Territory aims to develop a safer, fairer and a more inclusive Northern Territory.

What Rainbow Territory is working towards

Rainbow Territory wants to change law and policy in the NT to make the NT a better place to live for LGBTQI people of all ages.

We do this through

  • law and policy reform
  • supporting community connection through this website
Rainbow Territory achievements

Since forming in September 2014:

  • Helped change the law in the NT to allow same-sex adoption
  • Helped change the law in the NT so that trans people do not have to undergo surgery to change their gender on their birth certificate
  • Actively support the Marriage Equality campaign
  • Informed the public in the lead up the NT 2016 election on the policies of the main candidates and parties
  • Helped to set up a regular young person’s support group run by Headspace Darwin
  • Met with Reece Kershaw, the Commissioner and CEO of NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services (NTPFES) and advocated for the establishment of a Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officer network within NT Police.
  • Briefed the NTPFES Diversity Working Group in relation to LGBTQI issues.
  • Organised a Rally for Equality at NT Parliament. Over 40 attendees braved the thunder and lightning to raise a voice for change in the NT www.outnt.info/news
  • Created the OutNT website: Recognising the need for greater visibility and community connection, the OUT NT website is a project to connect the community to information, resources and each other.
  • Wrote a letter to the NT Minister for Health commending the governments inclusion of LGBTQI people in their Suicide Prevention Strategy
  • Released an online community survey which will be used to inform our priorities over the next 12 months.
  • Joined Headspace Darwin and the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner in engaging with Wear it Purple Day
How to get involved

To get involved, please contact Rainbow Territory: lgbtqi2014nt@gmail.com

How Rainbow Territory makes decisions

As a group that is working towards improved human rights for LGBTIQ people in the NT, Rainbow Territory has to make decisions about where to put its volunteer resources. To do this Rainbow Territory uses a consensus based decision making process. Important decisions include decisions which impact the strategy, vision and priorities of Rainbow Territory.

How we operate is outlined in our essential processes document