Apology and introduction of expungement scheme

The Chief Minister Michael Gunner will be apologising in Parliament on behalf of the NT Government to people convicted of consensual homosexual offences prior to 1984. This is an important step towards righting the past wrongs inflicted on the NT’s LGBTQI community. The Territory Labor Government has introduced to Parliament new legislation to allow Territorians […]

Hello + queer season

This is the fifteenth newsletter from OUT NT. Hello. As the weather cools down, the NT will heat up with election fever and queer activities galore – enjoy the start of the dry season and get in contact if you want to be part of electioneering or any other queer season activities. Keeping it short and […]

Call for members and volunteers

Rainbow Territory has started engaging with NT politicians in the lead up to the 2016 election (we’ve heard 27 August). We have a big list to get through. We need some help in the following areas: Writing to and meeting with NT politicians to get their position on key issues for our community, and work to change their […]

Darwin City Council votes yes!

Darwin has joined 37 other councils in supporting marriage equality. A room packed full of community members spoke in support of the vote, and helped to change minds on the night. The vote got great coverage around the country. What happens now? Darwin City Council will have to action what they have signed up to: That […]

LGBTI Silver Rainbow training Darwin, Katherine & Alice Springs (free)

NTAHC is running free LGBTQI awareness training in Darwin, Katherine and Alice Springs. LGBTI Silver Rainbow Training final dates for 2016.The Silver Rainbow last training days throughout the Northern Territory for. Darwin – May 23rd & June 27th 2016 Katherine – June 15th & 16th 2016 Alice Springs – May 26th 2016 This project is […]

We CAN do it in 2016

The call for CANS is on again in 2016. Want to see a rainbow flag flying over Mindil beach? Get can collecting and drop them off to NTAHC Darwin. If you want to help build the boat, get in touch :) All the goss’ from last year: http://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2015/jul/13/beer-can-regatta-darwin-swaggers-and-swelters-with-croc-repellant-on-standby

New listings on OUT NT community resource page

OUT NT is a website run by Rainbow Territory to provide community connection and information to LGBTQI people living in the NT. There is a community resource page where resources relevant to the LGBTQI community are listed. Two new resource listings are: Touch base TouchBase is a national website providing information on alcohol and drug use […]

How OUT NT works

OUT NT is a website that is run by Rainbow Territory to provide information and community connection to LGBTQI people living in or connected to the NT. It is run by Rainbow Territory members, but operates for the community to help bring people together. A strong and connected community is an active community that can work together […]

Newsletter 15: cake to share

Cake to share is a random section of the newsletter where people can share something with others. Not all cake suits all tastes, so please sample or skip as you wish. Thanks to all who sent in some cake to share. Email your cake to share to outnt@outnt.info Email through any random articles that you see to outnt@outntinfo […]

Newsletter 14: Hello + new year, new terms

This is the fourteenth newsletter from OUT NT. Hello. At the start of last year this occasional newsletter used “New Year New Territory” as a kick off for 2015. Do you think the Territory changed between then and now? What will it look like in 2017 after an NT election and a federal election? Some wonderful things happened during […]

NT in an election year & Rainbow Territory

Rainbow Territory is very conscious that this is an election year. While some great ground work has been done in 2015, this year is a time where there is a lot of momentum for change, but we need help to make it happen. Rainbow Territory needs you to join and get active. Our community continues to be discriminated against. The […]

Newsletter 14: Cake to share

Cake to share is a random section of the newsletter where people can share something with others. Not all cake suits all tastes, so please sample or skip as you wish. Email your cake to share to outnt@outnt.info This month there is lots of Cake to Share, cake to have later, cake you eat with friends, cake […]