Newsletter 14: Hello + new year, new terms


This is the fourteenth newsletter from OUT NT.


At the start of last year this occasional newsletter used “New Year New Territory” as a kick off for 2015. Do you think the Territory changed between then and now? What will it look like in 2017 after an NT election and a federal election?

Some wonderful things happened during 2015, made possible by hardworking groups and individuals.

  • Darwin had its first ever float in the Sydney Mardi Gras thanks to Departure Lounge, NTAHC, fundraising, and bloody hard work
  • Alice Springs Pride Carnivale did it again with its wonderful pride program
  • Sisters and Brothers NT have been inspiring people and speaking out stronglyfor brotherboys and sister girls, included imprisoned trans people in the NT
  • NTAHC supported our community in big and small ways, including older LGBTQI people
  • Que Kenny became a central Australian radio star on Nurnakah show with some help from Star lady who is now a TEDx star
  • Darwin Pride Festival celebrated 30 years of Pride with an outstanding history exhibition, art of pride, and lots of other events including a pride ride
  • Rainbow Territory has continued its work and is madly recruiting in an election year (more on this below), also going in the iconic beer can regatta
  • Dino Hodge helped to colour the rainbow launching a collection of blak queer trans stories
  • A Darwin lesbian won NT mother of the year
  • NT people are connecting with each other socially, through activism, and collaboration – making the most of this big, small and beautiful place.

All of these actions (and many others not mentioned) change and shape the Territory to make it a place where our community wants to live. 2016 is your opportunity to get involved and get active. If you are going to provide a politician with a new term this year, make sure it is on your terms.