Newsletter 14: Cake to share

Cake to share

Cake to share is a random section of the newsletter where people can share something with others. Not all cake suits all tastes, so please sample or skip as you wish. Email your cake to share to

This month there is lots of Cake to Share, cake to have later, cake you eat with friends, cake you eat at night time. It’s not in any order!

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Homemade cake! A Darwinite in Melbourne penned this song to a well known tune to deal with discrimination at a dentist.

My dentist don’t mess around, she asks me straight out if I’m homo or bi.

Why does she need to know, how does this relate to my teeth and why?
I tried to fight the feeling but the thought of speaking out was killing me somehow
Thank God for perseverance, sticking to my morals cos some don’t know how,
Hey ya.
Hey ya.
You think you’ve got it, oh you think you’ve got,
But clearly you don’t get it, why was that on your form?
If what they say is..’mm, oh ok, well thanks for letting us know,’
Then what makes, then what makes, then what makes you change the form?
Why you why you, why you why you why you still in denial cos you know it’s not inclusive here
Hey ya
Hey ya

Making the transition: Long before Caitlin Jenner came out, people who feel they have been born in the wrong body have taken steps to change what gender they’re identified as.

Just Me and Allah: A Queer Muslim Photo Project

Marriage inequality. Briton who died on honeymoon in Australia to have same-sex marriage recognised. South Australian premier Jay Weatherill gives personal guarantee that David Bulmer-Rizzi’s death certificate will be reissued with correct status and vows to amend legislation to recognise overseas same-sex marriages

Weird Questions Gay Couples Get “Are you going to have gaybies?”

The Chilean Ministry of Health has issued instructions to its national health sector to stop “normalising” medical interventions on intersex infants and children. This guidance is a global first: the first time that a health ministry has shown leadership in taking this step without legislation or legal action. They have done this while awaiting the development of human rights-affirming treatment protocols and legislation to offer protection from discrimination on grounds of “sexual characteristics”.

Chile Ministry of Health instructs its department of health to stop ‘normalising’ medical intervention on intersex infants and children

‘In My Shoes’ asks five transgender young people what it’s like to be them – the awesome times, the challenges and how they’ve gotten through them. This short, collaborative documentary film is an initiative of the Transgender Anti-Violence Project at The Gender Centre Inc., NSW and is produced by Tahlia Trijbetz, the Transgender Anti-Violence Project (TAVP) Officer.

The 6 Pack Band, India’s First Transgender Band Just Released Their First Song

Fiji turns cold. Fiji’s Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama, has been quoted saying that if a woman in Fiji wants to marry another woman, “they should go and have it done in Iceland and stay and live there.”

Meet the Texas teen feminist whose body hair set the twittersphere on fire

What a lesbian feminist looks like