Young people get the chance tell it like is to the Chief Minister

ADAM GILES s thenewdaily

OUT NT heard about this survey and think its important to share it. However, we note that sexuality is not specifically asked about. We encourage any young person who responds to this survey to complete the survey in a way that doesn’t silence any struggles that young LGBTQI people face in relation to their sexuality. Tell your story so people in power know what is happening for you.


Each year members of the Chief Minister’s Round Table of Young Territorians canvass the opinions of young Territorians to find out what issues are most important to them. The results are then shared with the NT Government at their first meeting, which will be held in February 2016.

If you are aged 12-25 years and would like to have your say, please complete our quick Youth Issues Survey by following this link

For more information on the Chief Minister’s Round Table please visit or like us on Facebook at If you have any questions regarding the survey please call 8999 2987.