NT Greens response to asks

Ask 1 The NT Greens commit to legislative reform ensuring all people have fundamental human rights and equal protections, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Reforms must be created in consultation with the LGBTIQ community, with recognition of their expertise, unique needs and experiences. We also support ongoing reviews of anti-discrimination legislation, to ensure currency and consistency.

Ask 2 It is vital our health system creates structures and protocols that are inclusive and respectful of LGBTIQ individuals, in collaboration with the LGBTIQ community.

It is essential that mental health services can provide evidence-based support to LGBTIQ people, particularly young people and Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders. Rates of suicide in marginalised communities should be properly documented, to improve wellbeing and health outcomes. A progress report on the NT Suicide Prevention Strategic Framework would assist in accountability in achieving positive change. 

The NT Greens strongly support training health practitioners to ensure they are inclusive and sensitive to diversity within their practices and processes, particularly in remote areas where services for support and education may be lacking. Creating a directory of health practitioners who have received training would aid in people feeling comfortable and respected when seeking health care.

LGBTIQ people living in the NT should have access to the same services as other Australians. Specialist services must be funded so they can be accessible to all. The NT Greens support legislation being created so no individual seeking health treatment can be discriminated against in regard to gender identity or sexuality.

Ask 3 The NT Greens support the transparency of the policies regarding trans and gender diverse people within correctional and detention facilities. Policies must be accessible, to ensure they are not discriminatory. Ongoing policy reviews should be led by LGBTIQ peak bodies.

The NT Greens stand for evidence-based justice policies that provide support to those at risk of entering the justice system through diversionary programs. Punitive approaches do not rehabilitate individuals and only being a cycle of incarceration.

Ask 4 The NT Greens support the implementation of LGBTIQ liaison officers to ensure individuals are respected, and proper funding, support and recognition of GLLOs within the NT police force. The provision of specialist support to LGBTIQ people experiencing domestic, family, or sexual violence requires proper funding, including research and creating solutions. Reviews of services and legislation e.g. emergency housing and counseling services must be ongoing, to cater to the needs of survivors.

Education regarding gender and sexual diversity should be included in all schools across the Territory, empowering children to engage respectfully with each other and reduce bullying and harassment. 

Ask 5 A sense of belonging and community is extremely important for all people but particularly marginalised groups. Events and networks aimed at supporting and connecting the diverse LGBTIQ community are paramount and should receive funding from the government.

Ask 6 The NT Greens believe all members of our community should be counted in the census. If LGBTIQ people are not properly reflected in the census, it will not represent the diversity of the Australian community. 

The NT Greens support the Australian Greens stance that although people should be free to practice their religion without fear of harm or prejudice, they should not be able to discriminate against LGBTIQ people. This Act would see better anti-discrimination measures enshrined within Australian law.