A little bit of Territory history: Why the boat got made

It was like any other Friday arvo.

I was sitting down with an icy cold XXXX Gold in hand, watching the sprinkler water my grass.

I finished the can and threw it basketball style towards the bin. Miss.

The sun glistened on it and that’s when I heard ‘if you build it Cher will come.’

I jumped out of my seat frankly looking for one of my house mates, but no one was there.

Arhhhh must be hearing things.

A week passed and again, like all Fridays, I sat down with my icy cold XXXX Gold and watched the sprinkler water my grass.

I finished the can and again took a shot at the bin. Swish, no rim; that’s in.

Three beers in however, I missed and again with the sun glisinling on the can I heard ‘if you build it Cher will come.’

I knew what I had to do. Luckily it was the week of the Rainbow Territory meeting. So on the Tuesday I flew into the Frog’s Hollow Community Centre my arms raised telling them my story. They looked at me with wonder (not the good kind, the kind you give to someone who is going cuckoo). But it was ok my good mate Hande stood up and shouted ‘I will join you!’

So it began, two mates on the beer can boat building adventure to get Cher to come!

We saved our cans, bought a bag from Down syndrome NT and we siliconed the cans together. It was a gruelling task and expensive. As we were coming to realise we may have swallowed more than we can chew, a team of fellow Cher lovers walked through the gate.

  1. ‘We have heard of your adventure and have come to lend a hand.’ There was an army of lesbians willing to help and a club called Throb willing to part with some cash. (There was also my roommate and her boyfriend but they don’t really fit into the story.) There we stayed gluing cans together, quenching our thirst with cans of drink, until; masterpiece! (Well not really, we needed more cans which now you get money for them no one wants to part with.) But we were happy!

So if you happen to see Cher wondering around this beach, point her this way we have some dancing to do!

‘If I could turn back time, if I could find my way. I’ll take back all those words that hurt you and you’d stay,

I don’t know why I did the things I did. I don’t know why I said the things I said.

Pride’s like a knife it can cut deep inside,

Words are like weapons they wound sometimes.

I didn’t really mean to hurt you. I didn’t wanna see you go. I know I made you cry, but baby’