Newsletter 15: cake to share


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A personal project on being a young Pasifika trans man underway
Mexico’s cultural history of LGBT reform 

Fairytale love that crosses class boundries and gender!
An LGBTI-themed fairytale book, about a prince named Leo and a farm boy named Jack who meet and fall in love, will be officially published after surpassing its crowdfunding goal.

Idris Elba Calls For Better LGBT Representation In TV And Film. The talents of LGBT, black, female and disabled actors are being “unfairly ignored,” he said.

Australia’s secret history of sexual fluidity

Gay, lesbian, bisexual, Trans, fluid: The spectrum of sexuality and the labels we use to describe it might seem very new, but if we look back, we can see that Australia’s past is chock-full of queerness, Graham Willett writes.

Daisy Meadows, a trans woman incarcerated in a men’s prison, isolation is used both as punishment and “protection.”

Cae Monae’s Debut Music Project, an Examination of Color and Trans Femininity

Solomon IsIands – New Report Finds Traditions which Emphasise Difference Must be Challenged to Address Inequality

20,000 lesbians in the desert (not a story about Alice Springs…)

India’s 1st LGBT cab service ready to roll in Mumbai

Weird or no?!

Two Spirits, One Heart, Five Genders

Coming out in aged care: Michael shares his story

Ellen Page’s Gay Imperialism is Not Activism

Is a gay strike on the cards?