Rainbow Territory has started engaging with NT politicians in the lead up to the 2016 election (we’ve heard 27 August). We have a big list to get through. We need some help in the following areas:

  • Writing to and meeting with NT politicians to get their position on key issues for our community, and work to change their position if it does not support equality and equity for LGBTQI people in the NT
  • Gathering information about inequality in law and policy through research, case studies, and personal stories
  • Keeping the community informed about progress with politicians, and encouraging people to talk to their local members directly
  • Organising a community picnic day
  • Having stalls at some of the local markets to inform the general public about the inequality that exists under NT law and policy
  • Participating in key events like the Sea Breeze Festival and the Beer Can Regatta (see call for CANS and volunteers below)
  • Running regular meetings, improve how we do things as a group, including to make the meetings more accessible
  • Building alliances and relationships with other groups and organiations in and outside of the NT
  • Running the OUT NT website and Facebook page and newsletter to provide a space for community connection and information

Rainbow Territory runs regular meetings every second Tuesday. We are trialling a dial in process so that if someone can’t attend in person, they participate by telephone. We are also having a social/well being dinner after the meeting. All are welcome :) Please bring some $ for your dinner. Full details on the OUT NT website.