Marriage equality, the last hurdle?

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St Paul’s primary school in Darwin recently attracted national media attention for releasing a 15 page anti-marriage equality flyer in the school newsletter, as has Natasha Grigg ‘s announcement of support for marriage equality.

While marriage equality is an important step for LGBTQI people in the Northern Territory, other inequalities will continue to exist even if the federal marriage act is amended to include same-sex couples. LGBTQI people experience a range of discrimination under NT law including:

  • same-sex couples not being allowed to adopt
  • exemption for religious educational authorities to discriminate against people on the basis of sexuality, where the discrimination is done “in good faith to avoid offending the religious sensitivities of people of a particular religion”
  • requiring a person born in the NT who wish to have their sex altered on a birth certificate undergo sexual reassignment surgery
  • the absence of protection against discrimination for intersex people under the Anti-Discrimination Act.
A recent survey conducted by Rainbow Territory has found changing these NT laws is a high priority for the community. The action by Saint Paul’s demonstrates that discrimination is supported by powerful groups. Discrimination under NT law will continue regardless of the outcome of marriage equality.

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