A little bit of Territory history: Why the boat got made

It was like any other Friday arvo. I was sitting down with an icy cold XXXX Gold in hand, watching the sprinkler water my grass. I finished the can and threw it basketball style towards the bin. Miss. The sun glistened on it and that’s when I heard ‘if you build it Cher will come.’ […]

Rainbow colours of law reform

Rainbow colours of law reform NT News, print edition, 1 June 2015 Rainbow Territory, an organisation that advocates for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI) community, held its second law reform writing meeting in Darwin yesterday. Rainbow Territory spokeswoman Sam Bowden said the purpose of the event was to draft letters to […]

Recent poor media coverage of the LGBTQI community

Two recent NT News articles have highlighted the poor reporting of the LGBTQI community. These articles help to perpetuate myths about our community and should be challenged. “Criticism over AIDS support” On 11 May 2015 the NT News published a short article covering NTAHC’s concerns about the low level of funded services for LGBTQI people […]

OUT NT Newsletter #6: Do Darwin @ Mardi Gras

The Departure Lounge and NTAHC took Darwin to Mardi Gras, and did the NT proud. Following on from the trail blazing Desert Devils from Alice in 1988, both are now part of Territory history. Adding to that history is the proud First Nations Float, which had participants from the NT including sistergirl Rosalina Curtis. If you weren’t at […]

OUT NT Newsletter #6: Nurnakah Show – Our Show

Que Kenny, a part of Sisters and Brothers NT has her own radio show on CAAMA Radio with Warren Williams. The show has strong Indigenous LGBTI, Sistergirl/Brotherboy content. The NEW Show called, “Nurnakah Show” which means “Our Show” in Western Arrentre. This show is hosted by…Warren H Williams & Que Kenny both launguage speakers from the community of Ntaria.

Cake to share

Cake to share is a random section of the newsletter where people can share something with others. Not all cake suits all tastes, so please sample or skip as you wish. Email your cake to share to outnt@outnt.info Rainbows in the top end Article: LGBTI Indigenous people offered a rainbow to follow. Black Rainbow, the first mental health […]