Newsletter 23: Suicide prevention in the NT funding available

The NT has the highest suicide rate in Australia. Want would you do if you had the $$ to make a difference in the NT lgbtqi community? The government is providing funding to individuals and communities to take action for suicide prevention.

Do you have an idea for a project, activity or action for suicide prevention that can:
– build inclusive communities and strengthen community resilience
– address stigma and discrimination
– raise awareness of effective suicide prevention practices.

The NT government has released grants (closes 2 Oct) for individuals and groups for suicide prevention.

Books Gone Wilde – LGBTQI community library

Monthly community library in Darwin for LGBTQI community – happens on the second Sunday of each month—-

Books Gone Wilde is a community library in that it temporarily borrows your books, and temporarily lends them to others in Darwin. The books to be borrowed are lgbtqi history, politics, fiction, non-fiction, well-being, sex, romance. No late fees :)

Books (over 300+):
Facebook link:

There is a $2 annual membership, free if you are under 18.

How it works
Step 1: look at your bookshelf. If you see lots of great LGBTI books that you think others in Darwin would benefit from reading, consider lending them to Books Gone Wilde for a few months. If you look at your bookshelf and see not a lot, consider borrowing from Books Gone Wilde.

Step 2: visit the stall at the Nightcliff markets on the second Sunday of any month between 9-1pm, sign up for a membership of $2, lend or borrow books.

Although this is called a library it is not affiliated with formal libraries in Darwin/NT.

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