Newsletter 23: Hello + how are you feeling

This is the twenty third newsletter from OUT NT.


This is a quick one, and its about health and diversity within the LGBTQI community.

There is a health needs assessment happening right now for the LGBTQI community. Basically the government is trying to figure out what health things our community uses currently or needs but doesn’t have access to. Have your say: link

Also this week, Ethnic LGBT+ is coming to Darwin. What is it? It is a project that “hopes to help other LGBT people of ethnic heritage navigate the cultural challenges they may face by being a member of the LGBT community”. Meet up details are below.

Did you know there is an LGBTQI group that has kicked off in Katherine? True story.

And finally, yes that is Cyndi Lauper up on top. No, she is not coming to Darwin, but the True Colours Chorus is performing as part of Darwin Pride, so it is almost like Queen/King Cyndi is here. More about Pride in next newsletter (early next week!).